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Collection 2017

While the hot and muggy summer days leave the city ... here it breaks With a red hot the new NAT's collection and it .. is Red Passion.
With its soft and warm fabrics dresses the elegant/ sporty overall with hooded jacket, pents with visible buttons and the magnificent jacket with Innovative closure ... a classic but that could not be missed...
And that reconfirms the tailor made in Italy.
The big and important wool from the color of the coffee cream in the morning, to The Scottish pied de poule red, white and blue ... begin with cardigans And accessories in the cold winter.
Returns the timeless brown, masculine and traditional ... in version Salt and pepper , to the thin plum to the most declination Ocher - mustard - damask sand that contrasts the black jacket.
Raincoats to complete rainy days, wool and fabric wraps Woolen and techno fabric waterproof for sportsman and finally the motorcycle jumpsuit Overlay the classic or jeans when you are surprised in the rain.
And like a sweet, which awaits at the end of dinner, there are the classic coats Slim with red velvet interior profiles , the most eccentric and longhaired in blue mohair.
NAT's man is no longer astonished ... now he reassures and spoils the wearer for years.
I've been wearing it for years. And kidnaps who admires him for the first time.

But winter 2017-18 does not cease to amaze and pay tribute to those who loved and loves the Nat's man par excellence...

A CAPSULE COLLECTION for the essence of femininity...

for the woman NAT, who, not being outdone , wants to appear elegant and unique with her man.
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